Elisa van Joolen wins Paris masterclass!

Concluding the two-day Future Fashion Practices masterclass at Atelier Néerlandais, involving eight designers, the jury has carefully selected Elisa van Joolen to receive a 5000-euro award, enabling the designer to take an important next step in her career. The prize was granted in presence of His Royal Highness King Willem-Alexander and Her Royal Highness Queen Máxima of the Netherlands. The masterclass was also visited by Jet Bussemaker, minister for Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands.


The jury was impressed by the quality of Van Joolen’s forward thinking and the innovation on which she builds her work. “She comments on the fashion system in a very innovative way. She works from an understanding of the fashion system. She shows in her work the machine behind the system by using what exists and by integrating the brands in her research and design. The jury would love to see how she could continue her project in a new environment such as Paris.”


Elisa van Joolen was selected by:

Lucas Ossendrijver—creative director at Lanvin Homme

Luca Marchetti—researcher at the Geneva University of Art and Design

Han Nefkens—mecenas and founder of ‘The Future of Fashion is Now’

José Teunissen—dean of the School of Design and Technology, London College of Fashion

Photography: Thijs Adriaans for Atelier Néerlandais