Ffixxed Studios

A collaborative project straddling art and design, Ffixxed Studios creates ready-to-wear fashion collections as well as art and design projects. In 2010, Kain Picken and Fiona Lau established their living and working space in Shenzhen, China, creating room for their label to approach fashion “as a way to participate in a wider discussion about new possibilities for the production and consumption of contemporary culture”. Placing equal emphasis on observation and design, Ffixxed Studios’ work can be seen in international exhibitions and fashion presentations alike. And even when they’re “just” making clothes, Picken and Lau question the norm, creating products that adapt, respond to and inspire the changing conditions of contemporary living.

Digging beneath the seductive surface of the fashion industry, Ffixxed Studios’ commissioned work for “The Future of Fashion is Now” explores the construction of fashion images and representations. A large part of the work, aptly titled Body Language, consists of large-scale white texts on black backdrops—“Don’t cross legs, be pure, be unisex!” The phrases, taken from the “model guides” used behind the scenes of catwalk shows, are both commanding and absurd, often infused with contradictions. The designers explain: “The uniform nature of the works further highlights the established structures that frame the way we view fashion and fashion images, with the title itself acting as play on the use of language and the control of bodies.” Complemented by an installation of objects and photographs that represents the full creative process leading to a final fashion image, Body Language shows how fashion is really consumed as an end product. Ffixxed Studios question and disrupt, but more importantly the duo enables new ways of creating and understanding fashion.