Inspired by the energy of living things and the beauty of nature, Xiaolu “Dido” Liu founded deepmoss in 2013. After graduating from London’s acclaimed Central Saint Martins, the young designer rapidly established her fashion label, presenting collections at Shanghai Fashion Week to critical acclaim and international media attention. Liu’s mission is to create pieces that are not constrained by age, time or season, with each garment crafted from handpicked fabrics. The deepmoss atelier works with local craftsmen for its introverted “elegant couture”, always centred on detail, manufacturing and lifelong value. That being said, there’s also a strong contemporary spirit to Liu’s work; the designer recently collaborated with Samsung for the launch of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge during Shanghai Fashion Week.

Commissioned by and for “The Future of Fashion is Now”, Liu’s installation captures the spirit of deepmoss in a single look. A white garment is immersed in a poly(methyl methacrylate) rectangle filled with water, and a transparent tag contains all information about the garment. The intention was to create an installation that communicates a “specimen-bottle-like effect”, resonating the mysterious aesthetic that distinguishes the designer’s work. Showcasing a garment as a solemn and theatrical specimen, Liu explores the traces of time – essential to the deepmoss aesthetic – and poses the vital question: Is it possible to avoid and preserve the inevitable decay of beauty?