A short Q&A with deepmoss

For our recently opened exhibition in Shenzhen, China, five talented designers were commissioned to create new work. One of them is Dido Liu; the Central Saint Martins graduate better known as the head designer of deepmoss. For ‘The Future of Fashion is Now’, Liu created a breathtaking installation, centred on the passing of time. We asked the designer some pressing questions.


What does ‘The Future of Fashion is Now’ mean to you?

The future is the accumulation of news. Especially in the fashion industry, everything we do is future-oriented; we are always seasons ahead. The future is happening every moment.


How would you describe your work in Shenzhen?

We got our inspiration from specimen on glass slides. The clothes are half-sealed into resin blocks and half-exposed in the air.


Could you please tell us more about the specific – beautiful! – material used for your commissioned work in Shenzhen?

It’s epoxy resin, which is transformed from liquid polyether into solids through chemical reactions. We combined the liquid resin with hardener and waited for it to solidify, but you can only make a very thin layer at one time or it gets over-heated. So we had to repeat the process several times, it took about one week to finish the four centimeter-deep blocks.


Why do you think it’s so important to preserve the traces of time?

It’s the way things naturally happen. I respect how nature works and see great beauty in randomness, so I chose to keep these traces and make selection based on my aesthetical judgments.


What is the most important thing you learned while creating work for ‘The Future of Fashion is Now’?

It’s the first time deepmoss makes an art installation and integrates fashion with it. It confirms a thought of mine that’s been going on for quite a while – that to complete the world of deepmoss, we need to explore more art forms and tap into more areas.